Time to dust off the fly tying bench. -Prom Dress Fly Tying Recipe

Negative Temps... Time to dust off the fly tying bench. -Prom Dress Fly Tying Recipe

OPST Prom Dress recipe


     I absolutely love New Meadows, Idaho.  With Brundage Ski Resort just a few miles up the road, the Little Salmon River right out my front door, and the Main Lower Salmon River just twenty minutes down the road in Riggins where temperatures are always 10 to 15 degrees warmer.  But this weekend was brutal.  Temperatures in the single digits and a high of 10 degrees on the Lower Salmon River I felt myself wanting to grab my Echo glass spey rod and head for any piece of fishable water I could.  In the end common sense won out... well I think, but I still had the urge and still do. (I'm headed out in an hour its 22 degrees in Riggins finally).  But the only thing I could do to help ease the pain of not being able to fish was to dust off my vise and rebuild my depleted arsenal of articulated steelhead flies.

     During my last float my buddy Brian and I noticed a group of spey casters methodically hopping from one run to the next in their Woodridge and the sound of click and pawl reels screamed from across the river.  I have to admit my first thought was "Ya'll ain't from around here." None of the guides offer spey casting out of a jet sled.  I ended up running into one of the guys at the take out while Brian and I drank a beer and put away our gear.  We quickly traded jokes and then the conversation turned to more serious business.  "So where are you guys from and how many steelhead did you catch?" I asked.

     "Portland, Seattle, and our buddy with the boat is from Boise."  They were old friends who meet up a couple times a year for shananigans and some fishing.  "I limited out, one guy got two, and he just had a solid tug." 

     Not bad I thought for a group of non locals.  Naturally I had to ask, "So what are you chucking?"

    "Some blue articulated thing.  Here have a look."  He held up his Echo 3 8wt spey rod with a Prom Dress in blue flashabou and ever since my fly box has felt incomplete.  Until now.