Orvis Clearwater 3wt 11'4" Trout Spey Outfit - Skagit, SA Scandi, or Both

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Orvis Clearwater 3wt 11'4" Trout Spey Package, Skagit, Scandi, or Both

We've put together the perfect package which requires a little decision making on your part to offer the best possible trout spey outfit to fit your casting style and tactics.
Orvis Clearwater 4wt Trout Spey Sale

A few tips...

Choosing the right head to go with your rod is one of the most difficult decisions when it comes to setting up your new rod. We offer three heads which you can't go wrong with, but here is some food for thought.

Skagit vs. Scandi...

Skagit (wet flies/sink tips) heads offer the ability to fish larger heavier flies which require sink tips. It is possible to fish small dry flies or soft hackles on a skagit head, just a little less finesse.

Scandi (dry flies and small soft hackles) heads offer a more delicate presentation and are used for skating dry flies and soft hackles just beneath the surface.

Step 1: Reel

Orvis Battenkill IV 7/9wt Disc or Echo Ion 7/9wt

Echo SR 4wt Trout Spey Outfit”Echo




Step 2: Head - Skagit, Scandi, or Both!

  • OPST Commando Head 225 gr.
  • OPST Commando Smooth Integrated 225 gr.
  • Scientific Anglers  Scandi Lite 210 gr.
  • Scientific Anglers Scandi Lite Head Integrated 210 gr,
  • Or Both: Scientific Angler Scandi Lite 210 gr. and OPST 225 gr. Head

Echo SR 4wt Trout Spey outfit”Echo



Step 3: Tip(s)

Six Tip Options

  1. None (I'm going Scandi)
  2. Rio 3D MOW 10 ' INT/S3/S4 (80 gr)
  3. OPST Riffle S2 12' (96 gr)
  4. 4 Tip Kit – OPST Float 10’ | (12’ Riffle/Run/Bucket)
  5. 4 Tip Kit – OPST Float 10’ 50 gr | 3D MOW 80 gr: (INT/S3/S4 • S3/S4/S5 • S5/S6/S7)

Echo SR 4wt Trout Spey Package”Echo


All outfits come with 30lb dacron backing, and all shooting head packages (non-integrated heads) come with 35lb OPST Lazar running line. If you prefer a 30 or 40lb please shoot us an email prior to ordering.

Echo SR 4wt Trout Spey Outfit”Echo