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      AIRE, Since 1989

      In the spring of 1989, four of the top professionals in river running and inflatable raft design got together in Boise, ID, and formed AIRE, Inc. (Fun Fact: Did you know that AIRE is an acronym? It stands for Argonaut Inflatable Research & Engineering.) The founders, Alan Hamilton, Greg Ramp, Kris Walker, and Dennis Hill all came from various corners of the young whitewater industry with a goal to develop the very best river crafts. They wanted whitewater boats that were more durable, safer, easier to repair, and didn't require glued seams to keep the boats together, and so, the AIREcell system was born. With two sewing machines, a radio frequency welder, a rotary welder and a computer costing about $15,000, AIRE was up and running! AIRE’s first whitewater order came from Cascade Outfitters for some Cougar cataraft tubes. By the early 1990's AIRE had made its mark in the industry, becoming well known for its two-layer boat system, 10 year no fault warranty, and owners going big on the North Fork of the Payette in catarafts and inflatable kayaks. Through the 1990's and 2000's, AIRE continued to expand and grow. We moved manufacturing to Meridian, ID, acquired Outcast Sporting Gear, created the Tributary line, and started the AIRE Industrial division.

      AIRE has been making whitewater boats for 30 years. Each year brings new improvements, new boat models, new fabrics, and new technology. Our boat designs may have change over the years, but our goals and core values have not changed: Build the best boats, offer the best warranty and customer service, treat our employees well, and have whitewater running through our veins!

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