Echo Boost Fresh 5wt fly rod sale review
Echo Boost Fresh 5wt fly rod sale review

Echo Boost Fresh 5wt 9'0"


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Echo Boost FRESH 5wt 9'0"

Echo's freshwater Boost series has been updated after many years as the go-to fast, powerful rod series for your local lakes and streams.  The new Boost Fresh has been lightened up and had the actions refined to feel the rod load - making your casts faster, tighter, and lacking in those dreaded tailing loops!

A Rod for Maximum Line Speed

Built upon the original Boost series, The Boost Fresh is built for anglers with an aggressive casting stroke to achieve maximum line speed.  The rods have shed some weight and actions refined to help you feel the rod load.

Crisp, Fast Action

The Boost is produced from a blend of intermediate modulus graphite fibers giving it the optimal blend of strength and performance. The choice in material allows maximum performance at an affordable price.

Ultimate Balance of Power & Precision

The Boost is the perfect rod for aggressive casters who can’t live without that modern, fast-action rod feel.

 ECHOBSTFRESH480 4wt 8'0" 2.5 oz
 ECHOBSTFRESH490 4wt 9'0" 2.8 oz
 ECHOBSTFRESH590 5wt 9'0" 3.05 oz
 ECHOBSTFRESH690 6wt 9'0" 3.2 oz


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