ECHO Carbon XL Euro Nymph 4wt 10'0"

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ECHO Carbon XL Euro Nymph 4wt | 10'0"

If you're looking to dip your fly into the the world of nymphing but don't want to spend a whole paycheck you've found the perfect rod.  The Echo Carbon XL Euro Nymph is the perfect solution.  A medium fast action rod borrowed from the original Carbon XL line coupled with an extra sensitive tip.


  1. Choose $189 rod only. 
  2. Rod Rio FIPS Euro Nymph or SA Competition Nymph Line $199
  3. Complete outfit Echo Carbon XL Euro Nymph with Echo Ion 4/5 reel and Airflo Euro Nymph Line $249 or Orvis Battenkill II $274

Carbon XL Euro Nymph

The Carbon XL’s diverse skill set just expanded in scope with the new Euro Nymph models. Using the Carbon XL’s medium-fast action as our standard, we extended the length to 10’ while maintaining the same feel as the family from which it was born. The result is a sophisticated balance of action, power and affordability that even the most discerning nymph enthusiasts will take seriously. Don’t let its name limit your enjoyment of it, though; it will gladly fish dries or indicators when the situation demands it.