Echo Carbon XL Euro Nymph 4wt outfit sale
Echo Carbon XL Euro Nymph 4wt free line sale
Echo Carbon XL Euro Nymph 3wt outfit sale
Echo Carbon XL Euro Nymph 4wt sale
ECHO Carbon XL Euro Nymph 4wt 10'0"
Echo Carbon Nymph 3wt sale
ECHO Carbon XL Euro Nymph 4wt 10'0"
ECHO Carbon XL Euro Nymph 4wt 10'0"

ECHO Carbon XL Euro Nymph 4wt 10'0"


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ECHO Carbon XL Euro Nymph 4wt | 10'0"

If you're looking to dip your fly into the the world of nymphing but don't want to spend a whole paycheck you've found the perfect rod.  The Echo Carbon XL Euro Nymph is the perfect solution.  A medium fast action rod borrowed from the original Carbon XL line coupled with an extra sensitive tip.


  1. Choose $189 rod only. 
  2. Rod with Airflo Euro Nymph Line $199. 
  3. Complete outfit Echo Carbon XL Euro Nymph with Echo Ion 4/5 reel and Airflo Euro Nymph Line $249.

Carbon XL Euro Nymph

The Carbon XL’s diverse skill set just expanded in scope with the new Euro Nymph models. Using the Carbon XL’s medium-fast action as our standard, we extended the length to 10’ while maintaining the same feel as the family from which it was born. The result is a sophisticated balance of action, power and affordability that even the most discerning nymph enthusiasts will take seriously. Don’t let its name limit your enjoyment of it, though; it will gladly fish dries or indicators when the situation demands it.

Add Super-DRI Euro Nymph Line

  • Euro nymphing, especially in competition circuits, requires presentations that a standard fly line just can’t accommodate. 
  • The Euro Nymph Line features a level taper design with extra thin (0.60mm) diameter for minimal drag.  By using our low-stretch Power Core technology, we achieved the most supple, sensitive line imaginable to help you control your presentation and feel and react to every strike.
  • Available in one size and one taper/density.  The Euro Nymph line is compliant for International Fly Fishing Competition rules.

Echo Ion 4/5 Reel

  • Maintenance-free disc drag with low start-up resistance
  • Easy Left to Right-Hand Retrieve Change
  • Backlash-free, instant drag reaction
  • Positive position click drag knob
  • Incoming/outgoing audible click
  • Durable alloy construction
  • Large arbor spool design for fast line pickup and low line memory
  • 2wt-12wt

With a large arbor for quick retrieves and a hybrid machined/cast design, the Ion is a great choice for balancing single-hand and two-hand rods of all sizes. Designed primarily for freshwater use, they can be used in the salt with a little additional care. Six sizes make sure that there is an Ion reel to suit your fishing situation. An optional solid brass drag knob helps balance even the longest spey rods.