Echo Full Spey 8wt Outfit sale
Echo Full Spey 8wt Outfit sale
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Echo Full Spey 8wt 13'0" Outfit


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Echo Full Spey 13'0" Outfit

To allow someone to fish all day in all conditions requires rods that are light in the hand and well balanced. the new ECHO Full Spey rods are designed to allow a person to flick a Scandi cast off the rod tip and still crank out long casts with a Skagit Head. As it turns out, 13’0” matches today’s modern lines and is the most versatile length for those that want to fish larger rivers where covering water is the key to success.


There are two line systems we recommend for the Echo Full Spey.

Which system is right for you?

While we can't tell you which line system you'll prefer without you visiting our shop, we can outline the difference between the two.

Option 1 - OPST Commando Lighter than most....

The OPST Commando head will feel lighter in hand throughout your cast.  It is 85 fewer grain than the Orvis Mission head after all!  OPST accomplishes this through what is commonly referred to as line stick.  Commando heads are thicker than other heads creating more surface area to come into contact with the water.  This is what we call line stick and allows the angler to set their anchor building the kinetic energy to load the rod and propel the line and fly to it's intended target. 

Option 2 - Orvis Mission Skagit Head

If you read nothing else, read this... Easy to cast

Orvis might be new to the two hand line game, but they have made an incredible entrance with their new Mission Skagit Head. 

While companies such as OPST have created lines which are lighter, the Orvis Mission gets back to basics, meaning it takes mass to move mass though still lighter than other lines from Rio.  The Orvis Mission's extra weight carries the line further and with more stability, translating into tighter loops and more distance. 

Still not sure which line to choose? 

If you want a line that loads deeper go with the Orvis Mission. 

If you want a line that feels lighter or might be used on your single hand 8wt 9' rod or 7wt 10' (see our Echo Ion single hand kits...) then go OPST.

Step 1: Reel

  1. Echo Bravo 8/10
  2. Echo Ion 8/10
  3. Orvis Battenkill Disc Spey IV 7/9

Step 2: Choose Line System

Option 1:

Head OPST Commando Skagit Head

Tips: Rio 3D MOW T-11 (wallet included)

  1. INT/S2 1.25/2 ips sink rate
  2. S3/S5 3/5 ips
  3. S7 7 ips

Option 2:

Head Orvis Mission 560 grain Skagit Head

Tips: Orvis Mission T-12, 10' Tip Kit (wallet included)

  1. INT/S3/S4
  2. S3/S4/S5
  3. S5/S6/S7

    skagit head

    Step 3:

    All outfit come with 40lb OPST Green Lazar running line and 30lb dacron backing.

    OPST Lazar line