Echo Ion XL 5wt 10' Single Hand Spey OPST Outfit

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Echo Ion XL 5wt 10' Single Hand Spey Outfit with OPST accoutrements

The Echo Ion XL has long been one of our favorite medium fast action rods on the market at an incredible price.  With a fuller flex and plenty of reserve power the 6wt 10' makes for the perfect single hand spey rod.

What's included:

Rod: Echo Ion XL 5wt 10' - 5100 rod

Commando Head: Options Integrated vs. Non Integrated:

  1. OPST Commando 225 grain non integrated head
  2. OPST 2225 grain Commando Smooth integrated head

Running Line: OPST 35lb Lazar (included with non-integrated head only)

Tips: 2 xMicro Skagit Tips

  1. Float 7.5' 50 grain
  2. Run (S4) - 7.5',  60 grain
OPST Micro Skagit Tips

Reel - 2 Options:

  1. Echo Ion 6/7wt
  2. Orvis Battenkill Disc III 5/7wt