Echo Prime 10wt 2 piece fly rod sale
Echo Prime 10wt 2 piece fly rod sale

Echo Prime 10wt 8'10" 2-Piece Fly Rod


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Echo Prime 10wt 8'10" 2-Piece Fly Rod

  • Designed specifically for casting
    “real world” saltwater distances
  • Available in 2pc and 4pc designs
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency

If you ask around, the ideal saltwater rod is one that will help you hit your target with the minimum number of false casts. When targeting flats fish, things happen quickly and usually in the 40 to 60 foot “kill zone.” Everything about an ECHO PRIME rod has been optimized to help you succeed in the zone.

Its easy-loading tip section and condensed 8’10” length set it up to cycle through the cast quicker with less effort. Modest power levels enhance feel during the cast but don’t give out on long shots. From the lightweight guides at the tip of the rod, to the multi-zone handle shape, to the no pinch point fighting butt, every inch of the rods has been engineered to help you get the fly to the target and help you when you get the grab.

Four piece rods are available from an 8wt to 12wt. Two piece rods have the same action as their four piece cousins and are available in 8, 10, and 11 wt. models. These stealthy rods are our most all-around capable saltwater rod we have ever designed.

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