Echo Trout Spey 4wt outfit setup sale
Echo Trout Spey 4wt outfit setup sale
Echo Ion 7/9
Echo Trout Spey 4wt outfit setup sale
Echo Trout Spey 4wt outfit setup sale
Echo Trout Spey 4wt outfit setup sale

ECHO Trout Spey 3wt Setup Outfit - Ion or Battenkill Reel


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ECHO Trout Spey 3wt Outfit

What's included: ECHO Trout Spey 3wt 11'0", Orvis Battenkill Disc IV 7/9wt reel or Ion 6/7wt reel, OPST Lazar 35lb running line, OPST Commando Head 225 grain, 3 Rio i/MOW tips

Through our own research and input from renowned professional guides we have put together a trout spey outfit that will truly perform on the water.

Gear List:

Rod: The Echo Trout Spey is the culmination of years of research.  Built to be lighter and crisper but maintaining just the right amount of flex and soul to feel each take.  A unique cigar style upper grip feels more natural for delicate presentations.

Reel (Your Choice) Orvis Battenkill Disc IV or Echo Ion 6/7:

  • Option 1: Orvis Battenkill Disc IV 7/9wt.  In order to balance the Echo Trout Spey 4wt we had to go with the Disc version instead of the Click-Pawl so the rod felt just right in hand at 5.9 ounces.  Built out of aircraft 6061 T-6 aluminum, Battenkill reels will last a lifetime and taking a beating.
  • Option 2: Echo Ion 6/7wt.  It would be hard to argue that there is a better reel on the market today at the price point of the Echo Ion.  Built from a durable alloy the Ion carries a 12 month warranty and is a more affordable option that will last years to come.

Running Line: Having fished every running line under the sun we have found OPST Lazar line to be the best shooting line out there.

Head:  What can we say, OPST has become the industry leader in trout spey lines for good reason.  Fewer grains are necessary than other skagit head on the market due to the heads profile thus adding a little grace and better presentation.

Tips:  Yes 3 tips! 

  • MOW  T-8 10' Float for skating dries and soft hackles
  • iMOW T-8 10' 7.5 float/ 2.5 sink for swinging an emergers or working a boulder garden
  • iMOW T-8 10' 2.5' float / 7.5' sink creating a smooth natural transition of your fly line to search the depths or swing streamers.
ECHO Trout Spey 3wt Rod Echo Trout Spey 4wt Sale

Option 1

Orvis Battenkill Disc IV 7/9wt Reel

Orvis Battenkill Disc IV sale

Option 2

Echo Ion 6/7wt Reel

Backing 30lb Rio Dacron Backing
OPST Lazar 35lb Running Line OPST Lazar sale

OPST Commando Head 225 grain

3 Rio Mow/iMOW Tips!

  • T-8 MOW 10' Float,
  • T-8 iMOW 7.5' Float / 2.5' Intermediate,
  • T-8 iMOW 2.5' Intermediate / 7.5' Sink
Echo SR 4wt Trout Spey Outfit sale