OPST Commando head 300 sale
OPST Commando head 300 sale
OPST Commando head 300 sale
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OPST Commando Skagit Head 300 Grains


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OPST Commando Head 300 grain

One of the major advantages of a Commando Head is that it allows you to fish big flies on relatively light rods. What this means is that you no longer need to fish a 6 or 7 weight to fish streamers. You will be surprised by the size of fly you can fish on a 4-weight with a Commando Head—size 2 streamers are no problem. We all know that 10 inch trout far outnumber 20 inchers, so in fishing a Commando with a light rod, you are able to enjoy every trout–not just the big ones. Another thing we love about Commando Heads on single hand rods is that they can be cast in a variety of different ways. Skagit casting is the most common method employed, but if your Skagit casting starts to suffer, you can overhead cast them. Or, you can single spey or snake roll with Commando Heads. This variety of casting possibilities makes for a more interesting day on the water, and it allows you to switch up styles if you're not happy with the way you're casting.

For single or double hand fly rods, the Commando Head is revolutionary. Above else, its popularity stems from one fact: it's easy to cast! Try it for yourself, and take your fishing enjoyment to the next level.