Rocky Mountain Rafts 13' Raft SBDS-130 Drop Stitch Floor

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RMR 13' Raft Drop Stitch Floor

Sometimes you need to get away, take a few days, and escape on the river. The drop-stitch takes our most versatile boat and adds several advantages for fishing and gear boating. We use a fully encapsulated, laced-in drop-stitch floor as opposed to drop-stitch inserts that other companies use to cut corners. Our drop-stitch floors make for a lighter boat, letting you ride higher, run shallow sections, and turn more easily. The floor takes less space than a traditional I-beam floor giving you more space to carry gear, and the floor can be inflated to a higher pressure, making it easier to walk around or cast from inside the boat.


  • Colors: Blue, Gray, Evergreen, Lime, Orange, Red, Sandstoned, Waterfall, White and Yellow
  • 44-oz/3000-denier RockShield PVC (professional-grade quality).
  • Welded I-beams, baffles and seams, triple-fused with welded seam tape inside and out which eliminates the need for glue… and its problems. The best seam technology in the industry–durable, consistent, reliable.
  • Leafield D-7 valves (The industry’s best).
  • SBDS-130 comes standard with 3 thwarts.
  • Removable RTA System (Rapid Thwart Attachment), simple lace-free design.
  • Drop-stitch floor.
  • Generous stainless steel D-rings & rubberized handles.
  • 5-year retail & 3-year commercial warranty on workmanship and materials.


Length: 12′ 10″

Width: 6′ 3″

Tube diameter: 19″

Rise: 29″

No. of Chambers/Valves: 8

Tubes: 4   Thwarts: 3   Floor: 1

D-Rings: 12

Material weight in oz/square yard: 44 oz. tubes/ 66 oz. floor